You're Selling What?

Today, I was trying to sell my Trump - You're Fired EZ Buttons on Facebook, but they kept rejecting my ads?



For the love of God, I've seen them selling:

  • Gun Silencers with mounting hardware - For months now, they have been running ads for things that will PUT YOU IN FEDERAL PRISON.
  • Bait and Switch Ads - Seriously, twice I've ordered things from Facebook ads, and both times what I ordered was not what was delivered. Tip - Don't buy a retractable doggy gate from Facebook. All you get is a mesh fabric and four hooks.
  • Television Antennas cleverly marketed as new technology for cable cutters.

So, why don't they like my damned button?!?!?!

Apparently, it's political.

Let's get this right?

Gun silencers okay? Trump buttons not okay?

What a bunch of dimwits!

After numerous refusals, they finally posted my political ad! Yay!

Hope you buy a button (and a sticker)!

Have a great day.


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